Leaving a Legacy - Do Something Special

You are reading this article so while we have your attention please consider the following:

  • Leaving a legacy in your will to REGAIN
  • Remembering to put this idea into ACTION
  • Suggest the idea to someone close to you who would like to support the efforts of REGAIN

Why a legacy gift is so important?

  • With your help REGAIN could do so much more in achieving its objectives
  • It is a fantastic way in which you can positively support the work of REGAIN
  • Any legacy you leave to REGAIN will not be subject to Inheritance Tax

If I want to act what should I do?

Three easy steps:

  1. Consider your options in the information sheet; then
  2. Contact your solicitor today (click here for a suggested letter) - or, even better, pick up the phone now!; and then
  3. Keep us informed of your intentions
  4. For further information please contact Vanessa on vanessa@regainsportcharity.com or call 07860 774197


Contact your solicitor

Download a letter template here

Keep us informed of your intentions:

email Regain here