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NEW! Caring for Carers: The Christopher Beckwith Regain Grants for Carers

Through the generosity of Christopher Beckwith (29th September 1980 – 15th July 2014), Regain is launching a new grant scheme dedicated to supporting those unpaid carers of our target beneficiaries. Please click on the pdf below for more information, or click beside the pdf, and go to Apply for a Grant Section, where it has a an application form, with information under Caring for Carers.

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Regain improves the independence of all British men and women who have become tetraplegic as a result of a sports or leisure injury.

On average 1,200 people are paralysed every year in the UK. 50% become tetraplegic as a result of their accident and 10% of these people have their accident as the result of a sporting accident.


There are therefore 40-60 people in need of support from Regain every year. This is in addition to the existing 300 plus tetraplegics we support.

Grants are available for potential Regainers to help provide them with the specialist equipment they need to enable them to achieve greater independence and improve their quality of life.

Each request is considered independently, on its own merits and will be granted after consideration of the funds available at the time

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about how you can obtain help from Regain, or how you can contribute. Any comments on the usability and content of this web site would also be appreciated.









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feet first



 Every day in the UK THREE people become paralysed in some way !

Every year there are between 800 – 1200 people who become either paraplegic, losing the use of the lower limbs or tetraplegic (also  referred to as quadriplegia) having impaired use of all four limbs and in the worst case losing the ability to breathe without the use of a ventilator system.

This is a life changing form of injury which impacts not only on the victim but also on families, carers and friends. All too often it is young, active and sports minded people that are injured, becoming wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives and dependent on carers for many aspects of day to day living.

Of the many people injured in this way on a yearly basis around 10% of these accidents occur whilst involved in some form of sporting activity. Sports such as Rugby, mountain biking, trampolining, horse riding, and gymnastics all feature regularly but the one particular instance which appears all too often is when the victim has dived head first into shallow water!

Spinal injury is more often caused by a head-on blow to the head which then shatters vertebrae, which in turn, then can cut through the spinal cord causing paralysis.

Our message to all and in particular to young people is to THINK very carefully before getting into any form of water whether it be a swimming pool, a river, stream or the sea – You really must go in – FEET FIRST – FIRST TIME


If you have any questions about this campaign, please contact either Gwynne Furlong, CEO, on gwynne@regainsportscharity.com on 07767 240323 or Vanessa Nolan - vanessa@regainsportscharity.com on 07860 774197